Scan Data Experts are a group of specialised document and information management consultants. Our services are designed to help you manage your information safely and effectively so that you can have efficient business processes and leverage your information to best effect. Our customers ask us to undertake any number of different consultancy projects from feasibility studies to designing large scale scanning projects and everything in between. Please read on to find out more about who we are and how we can help

Our Services

Scan Data Experts are independent information and document management consultants.

Information is the core of every organisation whether in the Public or Private sector. Effective information management drives business processes and delivers efficiency. We help you understand your information and how to use it for the benefit of your organisation and who you serve.

Once you get your information under control and compliant the real potential of your organisation can be realised.

In the Services section of this website we have detailed the kinds of projects we can deliver.


Scan Data Experts began trading in October 2011 but each member of our team has been working in the field for between 17 and 40 years. Scan Data Experts exists to provide a quick and cost effective route for organisations to effectively manage their information assets. We recommend the best approach to accessing and protecting your information whether that be through digitisation or through the organisation of analogue, paper data.

The thing that distinguishes Scan Data Experts is our innovation. Our years of experience enable us to look at your challenge in context and unlock solutions that are effective. Sometimes we are all too close to a problem to see the solution. In the world of your information we will be able to define the best approach because we look at the bigger picture.

It is our job to stay on top of the evolving information management and digitisation markets, technology and trends. This keeps us up to date on the most innovative solutions available and lets us pass on out knowledge to our customers.

Independent Advice

Scan Data Experts are independent. We do not prescribe fixed solutions or favour specific technology approaches. In simple terms we only recommend an approach that will work.

The most effective route from A to B is our only focus and the feedback we consistently get from our customers is that we are direct, clear and we overcome their challenges.

Company Information

Scan Data Experts is a trading name of G Laycock Limited; registered in England and Wales, company number 7806090.

The company was incorporated in October 2011 and provides independent information and document management consultancy services.

The Team

Scan Data Experts draws from a team of consultants as appropriate to your project. Our founder, Geoff Laycock has gathered together the top experts in their fields to ensure that each project has the successful outcome all our customers have come to expect.

See below to read more about our team.

Geoff Laycock

Geoff Laycock

Founder and Director

Geoff is the founder of Scan Data Experts. He has been working in the information management field for over 17 years. Geoff is expert in document management systems architecture, business process engineering and large scale scanning projects.

Geoff‘s entire career has been focused on helping his clients get the most out of their information through streamlining business processes. In Geoff’s opinion information is the life blood of any organisation and he works with our clients to find the most cost effective and efficient ways to work with their data.

Geoff has worked as a consultant in the field since 2002 and has delivered hundreds of projects from ERDMS system design and implementation through to project managing bulk scanning projects.

Geoff has extensive experience working with the NHS and other public sector organisations.

Martin Devereux

Martin Devereux

Senior Consultant

Martin has worked in the Cultural Heritage sector for over 20 years. As a qualified archivist, Martin has experience of cataloguing historic collections, particularly business archives. Martin brought his interests in photography and experience in digitisation to his work cataloguing Royal Mail’s photographic library. As Catalogue Manager for The Postal Museum, Martin supervised the work of colleagues cataloguing the archive and museum collections, as well as administrating the collections management system (Axiell CALM) and digital asset management systems.

As Head of Digital, Martin led The Postal Museum’s implementation of digital resources and interactives in the museum’s new galleries and supervised the website design and development. As plans for the new museum (which opened in 2017) developed, Martin was responsible for digitising material from the collections required for reproduction in the museum’s galleries, web resources and marketing. As this process evolved, Martin successfully campaigned for a dedicated digitisation studio in the new museum and built a business case to demonstrate its potential for sustainability. The new studio now carries out high-quality digitisation of the museum’s collections as well as offering services for other cultural institutions. Under Martin’s stewardship, the studio developed an aptitude for creating 3D models of objects using photogrammetry. Martin is a keen advocate for 3D visualisation, championing the use of Lidar scanning and photogrammetry to capture and visualise museum spaces and collections for enabling access.

In more recent years, Martin has been working to grow partnerships with universities, other cultural institutions and innovators, to develop new services and opportunities to increase accessibility for wider audiences.

Martin has joined Scan Data Experts because he is keen to share his experience and skills more widely. He appreciates that working with Scan Data Experts and its clients will offer him the opportunity to widen his experience of digitisation management workflows and work with a host of different cultural institutions to develop new and better services.

Martin is a Registered Member of the Archives and Records Association and is currently serving on the committee of the Association’s Film, Sound & Photography Special Interest Group. Martin is also a member of the Association of Historical and Fine Art Photographers.