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The Paperless NHS Challenge

Scan Data Experts have a broad experience of working with NHS Organisations to meet the Paperless NHS challenge by 2018

In January 2013 The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health made an audacious call for the NHS to be paperless by 2018. Since then many organisations in the NHS have started the process of digitizing their records and of moving to progressively more paperless working. The challenge is complex, due to the quantity of paper in use and the variety of IT systems in the NHS.

The key to solving the challenge for any NHS Organisation is to take a step back and analyse their information landscape. It is possible with the technologies available to really be paperless in the timeframe but it requires a radical approach that focusses on the end goal of paperless care provision first. While there will certainly be a need for large scale document scanning projects this should not be the focus. If the analysis is done correctly then it may well be discovered that not all of the mountain of paperwork needs to be scanned at all. Why scan a record for a patient that is not coming in to the organisation for care?

At Scan Data Experts we have helped many organisations design their approach to the challenge and we are happy to share this experience and help others to do the same. At the end of the day we are in this together, so to speak, and therefore working collaboratively has got to be the right way forward.

On this page we have provided the broad categories of the types of projects we deliver in this area. If you click on the icons below you will navigate off to view the categories and then on to information about specific project types. If the information or records challenge you have is not on the list, don’t worry, we will almost certainly have the skills needed to help.

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Consultancy Project Categories

Analysis Projects

Analysing different approaches, feasibility studies and mapping information flows


Getting your project on the right track, everything from project management to change management and communications

Technology Projects

Helping you define your requirements, select your technology solution and implement it