Analysis of Suppliers

Analysis of Suppliers

Making sure that you set the right criteria to assess different document and information management suppliers

If you are about to approach an information or document management project it is very possible that outsourcing services is one of the options you are considering. This could be for services like document scanning to clear the backlog of your legacy paperwork before moving to a digital process ongoing.

Another possibility is that you might be considering the possibility of outsourcing an entire business process like claims processing or call centre operations.

In these cases your business critical processes or objectives will be in the hands of a third party. At Scan Data Experts we can carry out an evaluation of any third party supplier you are considering to make sure that their processes and procedures are suitable for the task that you are entrusting them with.

This service would involve designing a questionnaire to ascertain their capabilities and process modelling, site visits to see the processes being delivered in a live environment, references with existing and past customers and live evaluation of sample work packages.

This process will give a higher level of assurance than a standard procurement process. Many customers have commissioned the Supplier analysis services from Scan Data Experts because, for business critical outsourcing they need a higher level of assurance that they have selected the right supplier.