Process and Workflow Modelling

Process and Workflow Modelling

Mapping out the routes of information and new workflows in your organisation

If information is the life blood of an organisation the processes and workflows are its circulation and respiratory systems. If information and records don’t flow effectively through an organisation to the different teams and individuals that need to take action then you have a system that can easily break.

Bottle necks form, deadlines are missed and service level promises are broken. Scan Data Experts can help you map your current processes and workflows and redesign them to increase efficiency, quality and productivity.

This could be through the implementation of workflow based systems such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Business Process Management (BPM) or it could be through changing the way in which your organisation works on a more fundamental level through outsourcing or insourcing.

Scan Data Experts will analyse current data flows in your organisation and see how they will be affected, improved or damaged by changes to processes.

We can help design the best processes for your organisation and help you use software and integrate your different systems together to deliver increased productivity.