Software Selection

Software Selection

Navigating through the maze of different software approaches to your information management project

Assistance with software selection is a broad area. At Scan Data Experts we can help you select the best and most user friendly software for the task at hand. Obviously decisions such as which email application to use and which tools you prefer for content generation, writing and spreadsheets will be the kind of things you have either already decided or that you would prefer to drive at a corporate level.

Similarly you may already have well established line of business tools to help with specific processes within your organisation.

Where Scan Data Experts comes in is that we are experts in information and document management software. This is designed for linking the information you have in a paper form, either in the office or in storage offsite, and your electronic documents on shared or local drives together with your email with all your other systems.

The benefits are clear. If you can navigate seamlessly from a line of business system to see all information that relates to a case or an enquiry without leaving your desk then efficiency and customer service dramatically improve.

Your entire information landscape is one of your most important assets and seamless access to all that information can unlock the potential of your organisation and remove bottle necks in any processes.

The other key advantage being security. If all of your information is stored centrally and is accessible from inside your line of business systems then it is, by definition, quantified and controlled. Add to that highly secure, role based security which only allows your users to see the information they are supposed to and then the risk of information security breaches is dramatically reduced. If you store personal information then this is doubly important both from the perspective of the relationship of trust you have with your customers and your legal and statutory responsibility.

At Scan Data Experts we can help you design your processes and select the most appropriate software solutions for your information management needs. This includes pre procurement assessment and short listing, software evaluation as part of your procurement process and assistance with managing implementation of the software post procurement.