Back File Scanning

Often the first step to getting your information under control

Do you store much of your information in a paper form? One of the ways in which you might be able to leverage and manage your information in a paper form could be through document scanning.

Document scanning is about much more than buying a scanner, hooking it up to a computer and then sitting someone in front of it.
You need to consider:

·         How many documents to you have?
·         How regularly are they accessed?
·         How do you access the documents today?
·         How would digital documents help you manage the information?
·         How can you link your digital documents to your other line of business systems?

At Scan Data Experts we have decades of experience in defining and planning large scale back file scanning projects. We will take you through the process from early feasibility through to procuring external services (if that is the option you select) or to doing the project yourselves by setting up an internal team.

By taking a step back at the beginning of the process it is possible to define the required outcomes and then look at process, costs and technology to plan a project that will be fit for purpose.

Over the years our consultants have planned and delivered hundreds of successful scanning projects and we’ve also helped organisations to fix projects that haven’t gone to plan. Because of that experience, coupled with the fact we are doing this every day, we will be able to help you plan an effective and cost sensitive approach.

Sometimes after an initial feasibility study we have been able to recommend an entirely different approach to the one which our customer initially conceived. We can see your information challenges clearly from the outside looking in and getting us involved early in the process will keep you on track to your objectives.