Day Forward Scanning

After scanning in your back file you need to capture all the paper generated every day

One of the key issues in organisations that have been historically very paper based is that scanning in your legacy paperwork doesn’t stop you generating paper from day one.

The net result is that often large back file scanning projects are delivered only to discover that in the meantime a large body of new paperwork had built up. Therefore, if the project has been predicated on the cost for scanning only being a temporary thing then the new paperwork can come as a bit of a surprise.

Scan Data Experts, through looking at the paper problem as a whole will advise you not only on how (and if) you should digitise your legacy paperwork, we will help you design a process to capture all your day forward paperwork at the point of generation.

If going paperless is your aim then we can also design a program, based on software tools, where you can migrate all your current document types and forms into electronic media so that the information can be captured and fed into workflows without the need for a paper form at all.