In House Scanning

Sometimes setting up a scanning facility on your own site is the best option, more secure and greater control

There are various reasons that carrying out your own scanning on your own premises would be preferable to sub-contracting to a third party. Maybe the security and sensitivity of the data is such that transporting it to another location is untenable. Maybe the process by which you need to categorise and index the data requires the specialist knowledge of your internal team.

Whatever the reason the process for setting up an in house scanning facility is not easy.

It is usually an entirely new arena for the host organisation and therefore it is easy to plan a project based on incorrect or unrealistic parameters. At Scan Data Experts we have set up and operated many in house scanning facilities and we know what to look out for.

We will look at the project objectives in the round, map your information flows and then design a process that will deliver the best quality results