Quality Assurance

Making sure the quality of your scanned images are sufficient for your purposes, particularly if you plan to destroy the records at the end of the process

With all document scanning projects and ongoing activity being sure of the quality of the digital output is the cornerstone to ensuring organisational buy in and trust in the process.

Quality assurance needs to take place at various stages in the process to make sure that each stage is being carried out correctly.

If you are outsourcing your scanning requirement to a third party Quality Assurance of the delivered digital content is even more important.

Usually the checking required at the beginning of a project is high initially and then tails off when confidence in the process builds up. Nevertheless the internal resourcing required is often overlooked and this can easily lead to systemic issues in the scanning process going unnoticed.

Scan Data Experts can work with you to design an appropriate quality assurance process and then monitor it for effectiveness as the project develops. In addition we can help you set the assessment criteria, train your QA operators and define the confidence triggers that will result in a reduction of the checking percentage.