Scanner Selection

Selecting the right scanner and software for your documents

Choosing document scanner hardware and software can be a challenging process to the uninitiated. Much depends on what you plan to scan and what your project entails in terms of volumes and duration. The key thing is the condition of the paperwork to be scanned and how this impacts on scanner technology.

All scanner suppliers will, quite naturally, claim that their technology is the best in terms of both hardware and software. You can spend anything from a few hundred pounds to over £100k on a scanner and everything in between. Add to that the fact that most scanners come with their own software and different levels of service plans and the area can get complicated if you have had no prior experience.

Scan Data Experts offer a service to guide you through the process, define your requirements and then engage with different scanner suppliers to arrange real world testing. After that we will help you to assess the options and make your selection of the right software and hardware for your short, medium and long term needs.