Supplier Management

Sometimes it is best to outsource your scanning project. When you decide to do this it is important to have a strategy for managing the relationship, the cost and the quality

Our consultants have years of experience working with and as part of third party document scanning companies. If you have decided to outsource your scanning requirement then the process of selecting the best company for your needs is much more involved than choosing the lowest price.

You need a detailed and extensive specification that will ensure that the quality of data you receive back is appropriate. You will also need to assess the security of their facility and understand how they will process your paperwork or microfilm materials.

At Scan Data Experts we can help you to define your requirements and assess your selection of suppliers to make sure that your project will deliver value for money. We can even manage the third party supplier for you and carry out additional quality assurance on your behalf.

There are some fantastic suppliers in the marketplace but, as with any industry, there are some that over promise and under deliver. The Scan Data Experts service can reduce the risk of picking the wrong supplier and will therefore keep your project on track.