Supporting you with implementing your project from day one

If you are starting, or about to start an information of document management project then Scan Data Experts can help. We are trained project managers and we have implemented hundreds of these kinds of projects in our careers. We have experienced many of the pitfalls with information management projects and can advise you so that they can be avoided in your organisation.

Sometimes you may not have the experience in this kind of project to have the confidence to go it alone. We don’t have to manage the project for you (although, of course, we have the expertise to do that) but we can help to steer the project or provide valuable advice at the beginning of the process.

In the below list there are some examples of the kinds of projects we carry out in this area for you to browse.

The list is not exhaustive but hopefully you will recognize some of your challenges and then you’ll get in touch to see how we can help.

Quality Assurance

Assisting you with the setting up and managing of the right controls

Post Implementation Reviews

Assessing how your project has gone, if the goals have been met and if not; how to get things back on track