Communications and Change Management

Communication and Change Management

Often overlooked but vital to the success of your project. If you get the message right then you can secure the buy in of your stakeholders

Implementing a new system is much more than setting it up and then just telling everyone that they need to follow the new procedure.

You might have a team that has been carrying out a different process or that has been using another system for a long time. There will be resistance to the change.

Keeping your team onside and maintaining morale is a key factor to ensuring productivity keeps high and that quality stays on target. Often simply hoisting a new process on the team can have detrimental effects if it is not done properly.

At Scan Data Experts we have an expert branding and communications team that are regularly employed to help our customers smooth transition processes.

We will help you coordinate new training and use all forms of communication to get across why the new process is important and how it will benefit both customers and the team. Using clear, simple language that will permeate the organisation from top to bottom we will help make the transition as easy as possible and help you deliver the benefits that the new process was designed for from day one.

Quality Assurance

Assisting you with the setting up and managing of the right controls

Post Implementation Reviews

Assessing how your project has gone, if the goals have been met and if not; how to get things back on track