Post Implementation Reviews

Post Implementation Reviews

Assessing how the project has gone. Has your project met it’s goals? If not we can help you get it back on track.

After you have delivered a project or a new business process you need to give it time to bed in. It is also important for you to evaluate new processes against your original project objectives.

Sometimes the results are not as expected and there is a need to look in detail at what is going wrong. Or you might just need to validate that the project is on track.

Scan Data Experts are often asked to carry out post implementation reviews for these purposes. We come in and work with the project steering group to define the scope of the engagement. After that we will analyse throughput and meet with various team members to assess the on-the-ground experience of delivering the new process.

After the information gathering phase we will present our findings about the process in relation to its ability to deliver on the original objectives. We will also highlight issues and areas for improvement.

If the project or process is running into trouble then we will advise on ways to reduce bottle necks and amend procedures to get the project back on track.

Quality Assurance

Assisting you with the setting up and managing of the right controls