Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Making sure you have the mechanisms in place from day one to assess the output of your project or process

As part of your information or document management project there will be a need to quality assure the output of any new processes whether they be in-house or outsourced. At Scan Data Experts we can design an effective quality assurance process and manage its implementation for you.

Particularly in cases where you are outsourcing services there is a need to ensure that the delivered work is being carried out to the right standard.

In the early stages of a project Scan Data Experts can also help by carrying out quality assurance work on your behalf. We would add an extra level of independent checking to your processes and ensure that the information or data quality is of the highest standards.

Post Implementation Reviews

Assessing how your project has gone, if the goals have been met and if not; how to get things back on track