Business Classification Schemes

Organizing your records and information, organization wide

A common solution to managing processes and information in organisations is to opt for a centralised Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solution. This centralises all of your information and enables processes to be managed effectively. Also an ECM enables you to manage the retention and security of your information assets to a granular level.

The challenge is getting all of your information into the ECM in the first place. If your information is in paper then scanning is an option. If your information is largely digital however then it will need to be organised and then imported into your system of choice.

To do this effectively you will need to generate a file plan for your information and define appropriate metadata to ensure that information is maintained in the areas to which it relates and so that it can only be accessed by individuals with the right security clearance.

At Scan Data Experts we have many years of experience in working with our customers to define their file plans and metadata schemas. Our process involves analysing your different information assets and how your organisation is structured. Once that has been completed we can build a file plan (with associated metadata) that will allow your information to flow into your ECM solution in a well ordered and intuitive way.

For you to be effective you need access to the right information at the right time, easily. A business classification scheme is the key to achieving this.