Data Protection and Security Audits

Making sure you have adequate procedures and systems in place to make sure your records are protected and secure

If you are a public sector organisation in the UK then you must comply with the Data Protection Act. You need to have procedures in place to manage your response to Subject Access Requests and you need to ensure that confidential information is secure and protected from malicious access.

Scan Data Experts can provide a Data Protection and Security Audit service where we will analyse the state of your DPA compliance and provide advice on improving your information security if needed.

This service is a preventative measure and is intended to protect your organisation from the inevitable negative publicity which comes with information security breaches. At the end of the day it is impossible to prevent information breaches entirely because human error together with unforeseen events could result in a breach. That said however, if you manage your processes effectively and educate colleagues then the opportunities for security breaches can be eliminated.

After a Data Protection and Security Audit from Scan Data Experts you will have the advice you need to improve your compliance to the DPA and tighten up your information security.