Systems and Process Integration

Integrating your new systems and processes within the existing landscape of your organisation

We live in interesting times. Many of us involved in information management can remember a time where there was only 1 computer at school and where everything was managed with paper files and land lines.

What has happened in the last 15 to 20 years is that electronic systems have literally exploded onto the scene and we are now interacting with data on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis via the internet.

The net result is that we live in a hybrid world in our workplaces. We have numerous electronic systems (legacy and new), paper information and information in our hard drives, on servers and in our email. Our organisations have constant flows of information out via the web and in from customer enquiries, online portals and mobile apps.

The challenge of this age is to integrate all these different sources of information and processes together.

We are realising that centralised information is better than dissipated information. If you are a local authority and you are dealing with a social care case, this will have an impact on different departments such as public health and housing. We need to coordinate to help more.

At Scan Data Experts we can help you to integrate your numerous systems and processes together so that you can implement a centralised and secure information management environment. Our service included working with your ICT department and your software suppliers to design database level and API interactions between systems and also working with your divisions to integrate your business processes so that the relevant information is shared. We will help you simplify and quantify your needs first and then help you quickly zero in on the specific integrations you need to implement.