Technology Projects

Technology Projects

Helping you to understand the technology and select the right solution for your project

The Technology involved with information, document and records management is a broad and complex area. It is our job at Scan Data Experts to stay on top of the latest developments in the area and to help you navigate to the right solution for your project. The key here is to select a technology solution that is fit for purpose and matches your economic situation also.

Another consideration is whether or not the solution you select gives you the ability to evolve your processes over time. You might start by scanning in your legacy records and then hope to move to managed workflows in the future where electronic forms drive your business processes. If that is the case then you need a solution that either has that future functionality already or where it can be added, or integrated down the line.

The Scan Data Experts team will help you define your requirements and select the right tool (or tools) for the job.

In the below list there are some examples of the kinds of projects we carry out in this area for you to browse.

The list is not exhaustive but hopefully you will recognize some of your challenges and then you’ll get in touch to see how we can help.

Enterprise Content Management - ECM

Managing all the content in your organization from documents, records, email, voice messages and social media to workflow and managed processes.