Content Extraction and Analysis Tools

Content Extraction and Analysis Tools

Getting content out of your documents, analyzing it and then using the data to drive processes and monitor efficiency

In order to unlock the potential of your unstructured data it is sometimes necessary to use software to impose structure on the information and derive value for your organisation.

Scan Data Experts can advise on a variety of content extraction and analytics tools so that your information can be leveraged to achieve more for you and your customers.

If a large client file of over 500 pages could be Optically Character Recognised (OCR) and then the patterns of that information used to categorise it then it will allow, as an example, one of your team to access the information they need faster.

If you have a huge body of information, as with the medical records of an NHS trust for example, then content extraction and analysis can help to get the right documents in front of the right healthcare professionals when they need it at the point of care.

Scan Data Experts can assess the information you have and then recommend the most appropriate content extraction and analysis tools for your needs. We will then guide you through the procurement process all the way to setting up the new software and defining how the extracted intelligence is used in your organisation.

Enterprise Content Management - ECM

Managing all the content in your organization from documents, records, email, voice messages and social media to workflow and managed processes.