Enterprise Content Management – ECM

Enterprise Content Management – ECM

Managing all the content in your organisation from documents, records, emails, voice mail messages and social media to workflows and business processes. Everything really!

Enterprise Content Management systems are designed to centrally manage all of your organisation’s content centrally. This includes documents (digital originals and scanned paperwork), emails data feeds and literally any information asset that you have. Most ECM systems also have an inbuilt records management facility to allow certain information to be categorised as records so that retention periods and secure deletion workflows can be implemented.

The centralised recording and storage of all of your content allows for fast retrievals, granular security and long term storage. ECM software also allows workflows to be driven by documents and business processes to be managed and designed within the systems. Many ECM systems also allow for the holding of video and audio files and for data entry using electronic forms capture on mobile devices.

ECM platforms are the top end of information management tools and they have the potential to revolutionise the information management of your organisation.

Scan Data Experts have years of experience in selecting and implementing ECM platforms for our customers. We can assist with the end to end process from the defining of your requirements all the way through to project managing the implementation.