Enterprise Document and Records Management – EDRM

Enterprise Document and Records Management – EDRM

Managing all your documents and records including retention periods and advanced granular security with redaction

EDRM solutions are an extension of document management systems into the realm of records management. In this context records are definable information assets that have a date after which they should not be retained further by your organisation.

The period in which the information should be kept is known as a retention period and the duration of that period can be set by either a legal statutory period (for example 7 years in the UK for company financial information) or it can be event based. An example of an event based retention is that in UK healthcare the length of the retention period can depend on many factors such as the age of the patient when they first attended the healthcare organisation or the nature of their illness.

EDRM solutions offer all of the benefits of document management systems but also allow for certain groups of information to be categorised as records and then treated separately from all other business documentation in terms of security access and retention periods etc.

If you are an organisation that holds records for your customers, particularly if you are in the public sector, then an EDRM solution could be what you require.

Scan Data Experts have years of experience in selecting and implementing EDRM solutions for our customers. We can assist with the end to end process from the defining of your requirements all the way through to project managing the implementation.

Enterprise Content Management - ECM

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