Enterprise Document Management – EDM

Enterprise Document Management – EDM

Managing all the electronic documents in your business

Enterprise Document Management, as the name suggests, is software that manages your documentary information assets across your whole organisation. The software allows for your documents to be stored in a secure central environment.

EDM systems allow users to easily retrieve and store documents and, in many cases, have the ability to integrate with other line of business systems so that they can be accessed in context by users.

There are many EDM tools available and the process of selecting the right one for you is not as straight forward as picking the lowest price. Scan Data Experts will guide you through the process of defining your requirements, shortlisting suppliers, supplier selection post procurement and ultimately through the implementation of the software for your organisation.

EDM is one of the key tools you can use to manage your documents and get your information management under control.

Enterprise Content Management - ECM

Managing all the content in your organization from documents, records, email, voice messages and social media to workflow and managed processes.