Intelligent Character Recognition – ICR

Intelligent Character Recognition – ICR

Capturing handwritten information from scanned documents and forms

Intelligent Character Recognition is software that reads scanned forms and interprets the marks of handwriting on the original page as text data.

Basically how it works is that it identifies areas on a form where hand written characters are written and then looks at the pattern to match the written shapes against a huge data bank of different ways in which each letter of the alphabet (or number) could be written.

The software then makes a best guess as to the character represented and records this in the output.

ICR is less accurate than OCR because OCR is reading printed text which is much more uniform than handwriting. That said however, when used in conjunction with a sell designed form that required a single character to be written in each letter box the results can be very good.

In any event the results are more accurate and quicker than employing operators to manually key in all the values from sight from a scanned image. This time saving is still valid even when you take into consideration time to quality check and validate the captured text.

As with OCR there are many ICR software engines available together with tools for analysing the resultant information. At Scan Data Experts we can help define your requirements and then help you select the best ICR tool for your needs.

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